Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Homos DON'T Want To Destroy Marriage?!?!

Who was it who said advocates for the radical homosexual agenda don’t want to “destroy” marriage? Never suggested that they did, myself.

Exhibit A for the contrary proposition appears in Maryland.

Nice to see that Sen. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Montgomery) has come out of the closet on the real goals of radical homosexuals. Little surprise for someone who --- as a law professor in an American law school, and a Democrat --- is almost certainly an extreme positivist, with no respect whatsoever for natural law. According to the WaPo:

Raskin is a lead sponsor of that bill as well. "If those of us who are straight can experience the sense of indignity gay citizens experience every day, just for a moment, then this bill will serve its purpose," he said.

Oh, foresooth! "Gay citizens" experiencing "indignity ... every day"! I guess they really do get more than the rest of us. After all, the indignity of their perverse sexual behavior on a daily basis!

Doug Mataconis offers his contrary view here.

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