Saturday, May 20, 2006

Outing the Hate Campaigners

Shaun Kenney has a wonderful post about the continuing hate campaign being run against Steve Chapman.

I honestly don't know who I'd support were I voting in that District. I've met Jackson Miller on more than one occasion, and he's an impressive fellow. The fact that he backed out of a blogchat on the main site of the hate campaigners (suggested here) is to his great credit. I've heard good things about Carroll Weimer, though I've never met him.

But these despicable people --- mainly cowards cowering in anonymity --- have given people good cause to vote for Chapman. Sure, he's a Conservative, and he took on Harry Parrish after he surrendered to the Boyish Governor's unnecessary 2004 tax increase. It is doubtful that these people will have much influence on him if he is elected (though they will want to, which may be one reason why most refuse to identify themselves). But the single best reason to support Chapman might just be to pee in the Wheaties of the conservatoids (per R. Emmett Tyrell's description of far-Left "intellectuals," denoting those who falsely resemble real intellectuals).

As I recall thinking at the time, and perhaps even saying, it was rather sad that Harry Parrish was soiled by his association with those who would do anything to keep him in power. I preferred to believe that they did so without his knowledge. But their attack upon Chapman are notable for their vigor and emotion, and have an air of quibbling and spin-control about them.

Perhaps that is one reason why so many of their attacks are, at their core, the roars of cowardly lions, full of sound and fury, launched --- in the main --- by those unwilling to reveal their identities.