Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chapman Launches Strike

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called plans for a campaign against Italy an attack upon "the soft underbelly of Europe." In what can perhaps best be called an attack upon the descending colon of the Virginia blogosphere, Ben Tribbett reports that Steve Chapman's lawyers have launched a shot across the bow of the hatemongers who have made innuendo and belittlement of Chapman their mission in life, almost as though he has stalkers.

Were I to engage in the dime-store psychology that motivates some commenters, I might conclude that they are indulging their own frustration over Chapman's showing against the Revered Harry Parrish, He Whom They Worship. After all, if someone as contemptible as Steve Chapman gets 45% of the GOP primary vote, doesn't that say as much about Parrish and his performance in office as it does about Chapman?

UPDATE: Another question arises. Bravado to the contrary notwithstanding, the hatemongers are offering considerable detail about all their work and effort in getting dirt on Chapman: multiple FOIA requests; trips to the Court Clerk's office (we can surmise); etc. In short, all the earmarks of a opposition research operation. The question which arises is, On whose behalf? All of this effort demonstrates a either a serious mental disorder (if I went to all that effort to trash Chairman Sean's character, I would be accused of having an "unhealthy fixation"; oh, wait, that accusation has been leveled), or an operation on someone's behalf.

I'd have a lot more respect for Jackson Miller and Carroll Weimer if they'd denounce this behavior.