Sunday, June 05, 2011

The New Far-Left Meme

It's always entertaining when the far Left comes up with a new meme.  Mickey-Mouse (i.e., complete fantasy) entertaining, not any other kind.

In the last few days, Virginia's moonbatosphere has offered up a new one, apparently in recognition of the continued popularity --- and resurgent popularity --- of the works of Ayn Rand.

The meme goes something like this: the House GOP budget is "anti-Christian" because it reduces government handouts.  Apparently, some of these moonbats have taken their cue from the "Rev." Jim Wallis, whose faith seems more committed to Karl Marx and big government than to genuine Christian teaching.  Far-Left "religious" leaders speak, and Virginia's moonbats jump.  And jump.  And jump.

Now, never mind  the fact that the proposed budget actually does very little to restore the United States to constitutional government, and would actually do much to perpetuate unconstitutional government spending.  And never mind that these are the same people who scream "THEOCRAT!" at any Republican leader who seems even mildly influenced by any Conservative Christian leader.

Interesting in the extreme is the fact that some denizens of the moonbatosphere seem to have committed themselves expressly to theocracy.  Well, at least, their warped view of what a "Christian" society would look like.  They are, in short, "theocrats" themselves.

Well, at least what, in their warped minds, they have convinced themselves constitutes the core of Christian teaching.  That is bears any relation to anything recognizable as Christianity is wholly coincidental.

Don't remind them that Judeo-Christian teaching has rather unambiguous imperatives about deviant sexual behavior, and about what constitutes "marriage."  And don't ever remind them about what Catholic teaching says about abortion.

And --- for God's sake! --- don't point out to them that the Christian charitable imperative has nothing to do with government spending, that charity --- by hypothesis --- is an individual act, uncorrupted by government coercion.

Fortunately, worry not about about their psychological well-being (well, no more than usual) and the dangers of philosophical whiplash.  After all, they're not really interested in genuine Christian teaching, or a philosophically consistent position.

They're simply interesting in using some Christian teachings (or rather, their corruption of genuine Christian teaching) as a club with which to batter their political enemies.  For the One True Faith of the far Left has nothing to do with Christianity.

It is Big Government, pure and simple.

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