Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally: A Deviant Admits What The Far Left Denies

... that advocates for the radical homosexual agenda certainly are "recruiting."

WARNING: Explicit language.

Unfortunately, it's not only the far Left which denies this elementary fact; some who fancy themselves as "libertarians" refuse to admit it.  Sadly, some might even believe it.

H/T National Organization for Marriage


Kurt said...

Ms. Bush, 29, one of the twin daughters of George W. Bush, has taped a video calling on New York to legalize gay marriage. Meghan McCain, the daughter of John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, has become an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, despite her father’s opposition to it. And Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, has forcefully backed it as well — and is widely credited with helping to persuade her father to do the same.

James Young said...

So what? Bush and McCain are idiots who have been brainwashed by a far-Left media which is attempting to normalize sexual deviancy. And while I feel for the Cheneys' pain, they're simply wrong. "Marriage" by hypothesis does not allow for members of the same sex to "marry."

Legalizing deviant relationships is a different question. Just as objectionable, but different, nonetheless.

James Young said...

And by the way, Kurt, try to address the subject. Just because I've published your non sequitors doesn't mean you're going to get to continue to abuse the privilege.