Friday, June 24, 2011

More Left-Wing Sexual Abuse In Northern Virginia

Well, that's how The Richmonder would report it, anyway.

"It" is the report in today's WaPo that Michael Gardner, former Chairman of the Falls Church City Democratic Committee, and husband of a current Falls Church City Council member, has been charged with sexually abusing three girls under the age of thirteen.

You see, it seems that "The Richmonder" has a penchant for smearing all Conservatives, Republicans, and "right-wingers" whenever an individual is alleged to have engaged in unlawful behavior.  Even if, when you read the story, it's the "Left-winger" who has also been cited for wrongdoing.

As for me, I'll indulge that quaint little notion of "innocent until proven guilty."  And eschew "The Richmonder's" guilt-by-association tactics.


The Richmonder said...

Well James, the themes I look for before I post stories like the ones you allude to are:

1. An act or attempted act of violence
2. A political motive
3. Evidence of political affiliation

I guessing you think you've made some kind of clever point here, but as deplorable as the alleged crime you describe is/was, there's no indication that there was a political motive.

When a couple of guys who acknowledge membership in the Tea Party show up at a peaceful event, shove the Gadsden flag in peoples' face--an act which constitutes an assault and battery in and of itself as you well know--and physically beat the person who tells them to stop, well that fits all the conditions.

For the most part you and I blog about politics on our respective blogs. I happen to see a rising tide of politically motivated violence in the right side of the political spectrum. While your post exploits the shock value of a terrible crime against a child, it really doesn't speak to the political issue I was addressing.

Your post simply isn't relevant. Have a good weekend.

James Young said...

Nice try, but "Fail."

You're effort is plainly to smear all Conservatives with the behavior of few, in order to --- as you put it --- create the impression of "a rising tide of politically motivated violence in the right side of the political spectrum." I suppose that's necessary to change the subject from all of the "politically motivated violence in the left side of the political spectrum," i.e., intimidation tactics by bussed protesters against bankers condemned by Nina Easton (no Conservative, she), SEIU violence against peaceful TEA Party protesters, etc.

As for the "political motivation" here, it's the far Left which is trying to mainstream sexual deviancy. This is just another form of deviancy that will, sooner or later, become an object for protection as a plank in the Democrat Party platform.