Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who Is it Who's "Deranged"?

Virginia's moonbatosphere is all atwitter over the Richmond Times-Dispatch's identification of former Governor --- and now DNC Chairman --- Tim Kaine's reflexive support of nationwide Democrat's most loyal constituency: labor bosses.

Yeah, I know: African-Americans vote Democrat in higher numbers (85-90%) than union members (usually, around 60-70%).  That's why I said "labor bosses": the percentage of union money going to Democrat candidates is higher (95% or more) even than the percentage of African-Americans who are loyal Democrat voters.

Here's what the Times-Dispatch said in today's lead editorial:
Democratic activists would love to see former Gov. Tim Kaine, currently the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, take on former Gov. George Allen in a race for the Senate. Affable and sharp, Kaine would make a formidable opponent. But he may have had his macaca moment, and its name is Wisconsin.
[T]he DNC has been aiding and abetting the protesters in Wisconsin through its campaign arm, Organizing for America.

As usual, the far Left makes a false equivalency.  The Richmonder said this:
So let's get this straight; in the deranged minds of the editorial board of the Richmond Times Dispatch, Tim Kaine's display of concern for a group of American workers who are being threatened and oppressed by an out of control rogue governor is somehow equivalent to George Allen's use of a racial slur at a campaign event.

The lemming-like moonbats over that Blow Me, Virgin... er, "Blue Virginia," work to create the far-Left echo chamber by repeating the charge.

Of course, the false far-Left narrative lies in the premises: that this is about "concern," and that it's about "a group of American workers who are being threatened and oppressed by an out of control rogue governor."  This is a lie.  "American workers" in Wisconsin are not being "threatened;" what is being "threatened" is union bosses' monopoly bargaining power.  And no one in Wisconsin is being repressed, except perhaps for the majority of voters whose will is being thwarted by Democrat Senators who walked off the job rather than fulfilling their duties.  And the national Democrats' calculus is not "concern"; it's a cold political calculus about those union bosses who fund their campaigns with forced union dues (which would end under Governor Walker's plan).

And "out of control rogue governor"?  That's the most lunatic charge of all: prohibiting/ending public-employee monopoly bargaining has no more radical a supporter than Franklin D. Roosevelt.

And, of course, that's not what the Times-Dispatch said at all.  What it was doing was comparing George Allen's politically-stupid moment with Tim Kaine's equally politically-stupid moment.

And if Tim Kaine has any hope for an electoral future in Virginia, the Times-Dispatch has it exactly right.

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