Friday, February 18, 2011

And Let The Foolishness Begin

Came across this little gem on Waldo's indispensible Virginia Political Blogroll.

It's a post on "Blue Virginia," the moonbat website that so fears dissent that it allows comments only from those who register (and, I'm informed, will revoke registration by those who don't toe the moonbat line).  Therefore, those who don't measure up to its level of moonbattery must respond somewhere else.  Here, for instance.

In this post. Miles Grant trashes George Allen because his book is for sale at bargain prices on  He also claims not to have known that Senator Allen wrote his book last year, though how one claims to be even marginally educated in Virginia politics but is unaware that a once and future statewide political candidate wrote a book is not explained.

Nevertheless, Miles goes on to note that "other more astute books on politics remain full price long after their release, either due to their irreplaceable content or due to our nation's college students being fleeced (I report, you decide)."

The link is to Nutroots ... er, "Netroots Rising," a 2008 tome by Lowell Feld (also of "Blue Virginia") and Nate Wilcox, which is apparently selling for somewhat nearer to its original price on than is former Senator Allen's book.

Well, a lot of things affect price in a free market, and I certainly don't expect any far-Lefty to understand markets.  Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Senator Allen's book is currently "ranked #268,910 out of 810,000 books in the Kindle store" (today, it's "#269,230 Paid in Kindle Store"), it's ranked "#99,500 in Books."

And where, you might ask, is Nutroots ... er, "Netroots Rising" ranked?  Well, Miles doesn't tell us.

As of this writing, it's ranked "#338,946 in Books," and "#386,363 Paid in Kindle Store."

In short, both versions of Nutroots ... er, "Netroots Rising" are ranked substantially lower than Senator Allen's book.  Of course, the latter is doubtless better, since it has the virtue of sanity lacked by the former.

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