Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Thing We've Got The Vanguard Of The Proletariat To Rule ... er, "Protect" Us

According to "Kaz" over at "ProgressiveDem," "Ignorant Voters Have Inflicted Grievous Damage."

And no, he's not referring to the Obamorons.

Instead, he speaks of "voters last November [who] traveled the road to self-destruction by electing right wing GOP House members hell bent on creating an even more corporate controlled government and determined to eliminate the common good."

The arrogance of that statement is astounding.  Never mind the ridiculous notion that the Republican in Congress are "right wing"; we all know that moonbats habitually refer to anyone to the right of Saul Alinsky as "right wing."  And never mind the punctuation-challenged, quasi-Marxist rhetoric about "corporate[-]controlled government."

It's that "common good" line that's truly demonstrates the author's arrogance.

I have a set of beliefs.  I believe them to be correct.  I am an attorney, and therefore, arrogance is an occupational hazard.

But the far Left is so narcissistically self-absorbed that some of its practitioners claim a monopoly on "the common good."  Ignoring, of course, the destructive effects of eighty years of Liberal governance.

As local radio talk show host Chris Plante is fond of observing, "Frequently appalled; never surprised."

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