Monday, March 15, 2010

President Barry: Comedian

Via Drudge, a funny from the New York Times, about President Barry's response to Republican warnings that passing BarryCare/socialized medicine will lead to a Democrat bloodbath in the fall:
Mr. Obama laughed about it afterward. “I generally wouldn’t take advice about what’s good for Democrats” from Mr. McConnell, he told an audience in Pennsylvania.
Now, that's hilarious. Democrats lecture Republicans virtually non-stop about what's good for the GOP, yet when the tables are turned, President Barry laughs it off.

Yet like the stopped clock (that's right twice a day), President Barry manages to get this one right. Democrats shouldn't be taking advice about electoral wisdom from Republicans. I'll be the first to confess: we don't have their best interests at heart.

It would be so much better if certain spineless Republicans out there would recognize that the obverse is equally true.

It is the sure and certain knowledge that those spineless Republicans are out there that President Barry doesn't discourage the efforts of Democrat/Liberal commentators who offer such "advice."

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