Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Is She On Drugs?


Anybody in particular come to mind?

Well, apparently the incredibly narcissistic Lindsay Lohan thinks so, and she thinks it's her. She's suing E-Trade, whose trademark talking baby ads included one --- premiering during the Super Bowl --- in which one of the babies refers to "that milkaholic Lindsay." She thinks that everybody naturally thinks of her when they hear her rather common first name, and that she's therefore entitled to a $100 million payday. I guess the movie paydays are somewhat less frequent these days.

Sorry, but that's not who I thought of when I heard the ad. Indeed, except when I'm watching the far-inferior remake of The Parent Trap with my boys, or Tina Fey's hilarious Mean Girls, it's very difficult to think of Ms. Lohan at all.

Except, of course, as an example of narcissistic excess.

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