Monday, March 15, 2010

Asshats Attack AG (Alas, Absent Alliteration)

Having a serious, disciplined, principled constitutionalist as Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia has apparently driven the moonbats positively ... well, batty. Even normally serious people like Ben Tribbett. And nihilists like Doug Mataconis, who really should know better, but apparently doesn't.

Witness the recent controversy, in places like Politico, Huffington Post, Politics Daily and the Talking Points Memo, over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's rather pedestrian answer to a hypothetical posed to him during the campaign.

As I said when I first read this, AG Cuccinelli's comments had all the earmarks of a response to a hypothetical question in an oral argument. Late this afternoon, AG Cucinnelli confirmed it.

It would be quite refreshing if the moonbatosphere would grow up. Then again, they would have to change their basic character, or lack thereof.

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