Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Much has been written about Tim Tebow's participation in ad-buy during the Super Bowl by a pro-life group. Xrlq over at Damnum Absque Injuria gets it exactly right. The kicker is this:
if pregnant women are really such helpless, delicate flowers that one single, solitary ad urging them to choose Option A over Option B will compromise their ability to choose on their own, the obvious remedy would be for the pro-choicers to cough up a few mill of their own and run a competing ad urging women to abort. With the “choose life” ad focusingon one Heisman winner who clearly should not have been aborted (though this fact was anything but clear to doctors at the time), perhaps the “choose death” ad could focus on a somewhat less worthy Heisman winner, O.J. Simpson, or perhaps a more recent Heisman wannabe like Michael Vick.
Xrlq: exposing the fraud of pro-"choice." For of course, if you believe that there should be a "choice," then you have to presuppose that there are occasions where the "choice" should be exercised.

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