Sunday, February 07, 2010

In The WaPo?!?!?!

Today's WaPo has perhaps the most insightful article I've ever seen in the journal, one which speaks to the arrogance and condescension of the moonbat Left, peppered with unarguable examples. The core of it --- which reveals that far-Left attitudes are truly a product of Marxist analysis --- is this:
In this view, we should pay attention to conservative voters' underlying problems but disregard the policy demands they voice; these are illusory, devoid of reason or evidence. This form of liberal condescension implies that conservative masses are in the grip of false consciousness. When they express their views at town hall meetings or "tea party" gatherings, it might be politically prudent for liberals to hear them out, but there is no reason to actually listen.
Just goes to prove: even a blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn. Gerard Alexander is the author. Truly worth a read.

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