Thursday, February 18, 2010

And The Award Goes To ....

F. U. ... er, F.T. Rea, who becomes the first moonbat in the Virginia blogosphere to try to gain political advantage out of the pilot who rammed his plane into a Texas office building today. Well, at least the first one on Waldo's Political Blogroll.

Apparently, F.U. ... er, F.T. didn't bother to read Joe Stack's suicide note, in which he expresses views much more in line with the moonbat Left than with what F.U. ... er, F.T. calls "the anti-tax, anti-government right-wing fringe."

And some people call lawyers "ambulance chasers." Lawyers have nothing on the political ambulance chasers on the far Left.


J.C. Wilmore said...

James, you've taken leave of your senses. Joseph Andrew Stack was manifestly a part of the anti-tax, anti-government movement that is associated with the RIght.

There's no evidence--so far--that Stack was a card-carrying Republican or member of any other organized right-wing organization, but the rhetoric of his suicide note was essentially a cut-and-paste from Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement.

Stack merely carried through on the threats made by Beck, The Tea Party and Norquist. Trying to paint Stack as a leftist is just silly--and unworthy of you James.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts, and this attempt to spin Stack as anything but an anti-tax, anti-government nut is a bad joke--a right-wing fantasy.

James Young said...

I guess you get first runner-up, J.C.