Saturday, May 30, 2009

RPV Convention Thoughts

Attended the Republican Party of Virginia State Convention in Richmond last night and today. Didn't participate in "bloggers row," but you can find many fine reports from those who did.

Good time, and much better-run that last year's fiasco. Most of our candidates --- Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor; Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General --- won.

We got down a little later than expected (8:00), because we had to drop Jimmy off at someone's home so he could attend his Scout troop's spring creek cleanup today. Started out at the Jeffersoniad/New Media suite. Kinda odd: the beer and wine were free, but you had to pay for sodas. Then trooped over to the McDonnell/Bolling affair, stuck my head in the Brownlee suite and talked for a time with a few young Hampden-Sydney alums who were supporting his candidacy.

Best Hospitality Suite --- Americans for Prosperity's affair at the Hilton Garden.

Best Bar --- Fifth District Chairman Tucker Watkins' late-night gathering. First met Tucker last year, when someone dragged me to it, and we immediately hit it off. Tucker is a good ole' boy, and I've found that such a characteristic meshes well with my Pennsylvania Dutchman credentials. We picked up the conversation right where we left off. Helps that we have some mutual friends at the alma mater.

Least Likely Attendee --- "Not Larry Sabato" himself, Ben Tribbett. He was a good sport about it when having his tail twisted.

Best Line of the Convention --- John Brownlee: "We remember when acorn was just a nut, and not a collection of nuts."

CORRECTION: Ron Josephson on Facebook informs me that I am incorrect, and that this line was uttered by David Foster. My apologies to Mr. Foster.

One of our candidates lost, however. I voted for Bill Stanley for State Chairman. Not that I have anything against Pat Mullins. I've known him since he was Fairfax County Chairman. He was and is a good guy, and I believe he'll do a fine job as State Party Chairman.

However, holding in contempt the manner of his initial elevation to the post, with the despicable removal of Jeff Frederick, I could not validate that with my vote, even though he had the support of many whom I respect. Hence, I would have voted, and did vote, for any credible candidate in his stead.

With that having been said, I am completely happy with the GOP ticket, and anticipate a GOP sweep statewide in November's election. While we had left before the announcements were officially made, one finds in the blogosphere that the losing candidates all were gracious in defeat, pledging their support for the ticket.

We shall see.

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