Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Since I Know It Won't Be Approved...

There's an old saying, something to the effect that "You can't teach a pig to dance. You won't succeed, and you'll annoy the pig."

Isn't it amazing how partisans for the radical homosexual agenda, who demand special privileges while putting on a great pretense about only wanting "equality," then engage in behavior which causes others to deny them even the simple courtesies?

I thought I'd make my comment here, rather than at "Special Privileges Loudoun":
Whiny? You know, it just doesn't pay to try to have a respectful, civilized conversation with a fag. In the end, you'll almost always be belittled, demonized, or a combination of both.


NotNotJayHughes said...


you can always count on polite and civil conversation from me :) fact, the first round is on me :) see you at the end of May :)

James Young said...

Jay, the very reason I said "almost always" was with you in mind.

So this comment was decidedly NOT directed at you.

NotNotJayHughes said...

hehehehe...I knew what you meant...couldn't resist commenting, tho' :)