Friday, March 27, 2009

He's Baaaack!

John S. Gray, of Lake Ridge, that is.

It seems that Mr. Gray, whose candidacy to represent Prince William County at the State GOP Convention set for late May in Richmond was rejected by the County GOP Convention nearly two weeks back, is entirely bitter about it. Of course, he was rejected because he's one of the most undependable political chameleons in the County, having run for public office as Republican, Democrat, and Independent over the last ten years or so.

In fact, the only party under whose banner he has not run is the one to which he most appropriately can be categorized: the Flake Party.

In any case, here's the text of his letter:

On March 14, the local Republican Committee held its annual convention.

As the Republican super majority on the Board of County Supervisors now emphatically requires that all senior citizens, the disabled and small business owners (amongst others) affirm their legal
presence in Prince William County, I was wondering if the Republican delegates to that convention were themselves required to affirm their own legal presence in PWC to use facilities paid for by county

I know for a fact they were not, so I guess what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Gee, how sad. I wonder what we call that?


Lake Ridge

And since hard truths are little-valued by the editors of the News and Messenger, here's the comment that I posted, but don't expect to see for too long on the website.

Well, Mr. Gray, I don't know what we call "that," but I know what we call people who knowingly make false statements: liars.

In fact, all participants as delegates to the County GOP Convention were required to "affirm their legal presence in Prince William County," because all participants in the County GOP Convention were required to be "legal and qualified voters in Prince William County," i.e., registered voters, which requires legal presence. This requirement was plainly stated on the application to be a delegate to the Convention. So your charge is false. It's also knowingly false, since --- if you are the same "John S. Gray" who applied to be a delegate to the Convention (or perhaps just the State GOP Convention; it is is one or the other, or both) --- you signed this very affirmation as a condition for consideration.

Now, if this is the same "John S. Gray" who applied and was rejected to be a delegate to the State GOP Convention, I suppose his bitterness --- if not his dishonesty --- is understandable. Then again, if this is that "John S. Gray," he's unsuccessfully run for elective office as a "Republican," a "Democrat," an "Independent," and perhaps every other political party except the brazenly "Flake" party.

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