Monday, August 11, 2008

This Isn't The Association That Hurts Him

As I watched the weekend talking heads on John Edwards' political suicide, one question I heard --- "What effect will this have on Barack Obama's candidacy?" --- struck me as very odd.

Other than the possibility that Edwards was being considered as a running mate (well, so much for that), I just couldn't figure this one out. What? Had Edwards been shtupping Michelle Obama? Being that it's Democrats, was he shtupping --- or being shtupped by --- Barack himself? That's certainly not the story, as I understand it.

As with any raging Socialist, I've little use for Barack Obama. But among his many sleazy associates, John Edwards is probably the least of them.

At least Edwards' sleaze was limited to personal corruption, not public corruption.

Now, hanging Weatherman terrorist William Ayers or race-baiting minister and confidante the "Rev." Jeremiah "God damn America!" Wright around the Dalai 'Bama's neck is perfectly appropriate. Maybe even convicted felon and Obama contributor Tony Rezko, since Obama had business dealings with him. Obama has a long trail of association with a virtual rogues' gallery of deeply sleazy associates.

But John Edwards? Not unless an Obama was involved in his illicit activities.

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Carl Kilo said...

Preach on Brother James!
You and me have the loonies at Colbalt 6 crying like school girls!