Saturday, August 09, 2008

Clifford Garstang Responds

A little earlier today (before I took my oldest WMD (H/T bwana) ... er, son to the Redskins game, I posted this little item about a post appearing on a moonbat ... er, Democrat blog. Now, normally, I would probably have just left a comment, but since this Democrat blogger (like many others) demands registration as a condition of commenting, I decided to make my own post.

Now, never mind that the gentleman in question never bothered to establish whether the church he was criticizing had anything to do with putting the sign up (it apparently has been taken down).

Mr. Garstang instead decided to throw out an accusation of racism. He apparently considers a reference to "Black churches."

What; predominately Black churches don't exist? Democrat candidates don't flock to them in the weeks leading up to elections? Democrat campaigns have not verifiably provided "walking around money" to Black (or African-American) preachers? The media frequently reports that the most segregated hour is when Americans attend worship. Now, that's not the case in my church, nor in many churches I know in Prince William, including the one attended by my sons' godparents.

I've approved his comment (since I despise the bile anonymity promotes, I reserve the right to reject comments by anonymous/pseudonymous posters) on the theory than friends and readers will recognize that this accusation says more about Mr. Garstang's character than it could ever distort mine among those familiar with facts.

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Clifford Garstang said...

It's turning into a full time job correcting all the lies and errors spewed on Republicon blogs. I suspect that's their strategy.

But anyway, I did not accuse you of racism. I asked a question, which I'll rephrase: why are you singling out Black churches for your criticism?

And, speaking of criticism, I don't believe I was being critical of the Baptist church where the Goodlatte sign appeared. I only said that they needed to take it down or risk losing their tax-exempt status. That's a fact, and it is irrelevant whether the sign was posted by God, the pastor, or Bob Goodlatte himself. The church was notified that it was there and they did nothing about it until the picture was posted. Then they did the right thing in their own best interests and took it down.

You accuse me repeatedly of hypocrisy. Can you prove that? I have yet to see a Democratic candidate's sign on church property, but I promise you if I do I will warn the church and the candidate to remove it. As I said before, appearances by candidates (of all parties, at churches of all kinds) occur all the time. It is easily distinguishable from maintaining a sign in the front yard.

As for the implied criticism of Cobalt6 for requiring registration, that is our software's way of controlling spam. All comments are allowed unless they contain threats. You're free to choose whatever method you like. I find the comment approval approach that you use to be distasteful.