Saturday, August 09, 2008

Democrat Hypocrisy, Volume 9,746

It appears that Sixth Congressional Democrat Committee member Cliff Garstang is up in arms about a church which has a Bob Goodlatte for Congress sign on its property. He says "IRS take note."

No word on how the sign got there.

One presumes that Mr. Garstang will exhibit similar high dudgeon when Democrat candidates like Mark Warner, Barack Obama, and others start making campaign appearances in Black churches as the election draws near.

Or will he?


Mike said...

Isn't this the same guy that called Republicans "terrorists?"

Clifford Garstang said...

James, I'm sure even you can appreciate the difference between an appearance by a candidate and the endorsement that a sign implies. But if you want to report any of those appearances to the IRS, go right ahead. If the law deems that they constitute a violation of a given church's tax-exempt status, then I support revocation of said status. No exceptions. No matter whether the candidates are Democrats or Republicons. What was that about hypocrisy?

(And I don't suppose your reference to "Black churches" has anything to do with your own racism, does it? No, I didn't think so.)

James Young said...

I believe that it is, Mike. Typical of a Democrat to smear political opponents as terrorists, when they fail to recognize those that are.

As for you, Clifford, when I see a post condemning those candidates' appearances in predominately Black churches, perhaps I'll take you seriously.

As for your accusation of my "own racism," anyone who knows me even casually --- including Democrats not of the moonbat persuasion --- will laugh at such an accusation. That you automatically level it says more about you than it possibly could about me. As Chris Plante of WMAL is fond of observing, "Frequently appalled; never surprised."

Clifford Garstang said...

Further evidence of the Republicon. I did not call Republicans terrorists. That would be more Republican lies. And furthermore, I did not accuse you of racism. I asked a question. And I still wonder why you single out Black churches for your criticism. Do candidates of all political persuasion appear in churces of all types?

But this is typical for you. It doesn't matter what anyone actually says or does; you generally turn it into something it is not so that you can bluster.

Carry on. Bluster to your heart's content.