Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where Are The Intermeddlers?

Back in 1998, Delegate Bob Marshall made headlines, along with Governor Jim Gilmore, when they tried to intervene to prevent the removal of Hugh Finn's feeding tube, an action sought by his wife. Finn, who was in a persistent vegetative state, was kept alive by a feeding tube, providing him with food and water, but was not subject to any extraordinary measures to maintain his life (no respirator, etc.).

And oh, how the far Left savaged them for interfering with family decisions.

Then, in the last two years, there was the even-more prominent case of Terri Schiavo. Even more politicos, including the United States Congress, tried to intervene on her behalf, when her "husband" --- who had already taken up with another woman and had two children with her --- sought (eventually, successfully) to remove her feeding tube.

And oh, how the far Left, Death Caucus savaged any who dared to speak out against denying her food and water, and interfering with her "husband's" decision to starve her.

Now, there's Abraham Cherrix, a sixteen-year-old boy on Virginia's Eastern Shore with Hodgkin's disease. On Friday, 21 July, an Accomack County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court judge ruled that Abraham must report to a hospital by this afternoon for testing, evaluation, and treatment as doctors deem necessary. He also found that Abraham's parents are neglectful for risking his health by permitting him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diate and herbal supplements supervised by a Mexican clinic.

Now, I agree with the judge as to his assessment of the Cherrix's decision. Were I Abraham's parents, and with all due respect to the well-known first-rate qualities and advances of Mexican medicine, I wouldn't treat him according to that clinic's recommendations. In fact, I think Abraham's parents --- like Abraham --- are a little loopy.

But my initial post might have left the impression that I agree with the judge's intereference with the family's decision, which is decidedly not true. I apologize for the confusion.

And while I know my limitations, and that I just can't read everything out there, I am mightily confused by the reaction by the far Left side of the Virginia blogosphere.

The silence from the far Left of the Virginia blogosphere on this judge's interference with the Cherrix family's decisionmaking process --- Doug Mataconis has been all over this story --- is positively deafening.

Or maybe they only support the privacy of family decisionmaking when it involves ending an innocent's life.


Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

This has definitely been an interesting case to watch unfold. I agree with your assessment on his choice of treatment (although former "A-Team" / "Battlestar Galactica" star Dirk Benedict overcame cancer using something along these lines.)

What is strange is that in some news reports, they list his first name as being "Starchild" which would definitely bolster your assertion that there is a certain loopiness involved in the family.

I just pray that he is able to beat this whatever treatment he opts for.

James Young said...

"Starchild"!?!? But hey, if it's good enough for Lt. Starbuck....

David said...

What's the matter, James? You can't tolerate information that contradicts your post?

As I said in my previous comment, I referenced this story here, via Below the Beltway. This is the Nanny State interfering with the private decisions of a family, just the way you would like to interfere with the decisions of gay families.

James Young said...

David, you are a really funny guy. The problem is, I don't think you realize how slapstick you are. More's to pity.

So let me get this straight (if you'll pardon the usage): it's "nanny state" for the government to interfere in this family's medical decision, but it's not "nanny state" were the government to redefine "marriage" --- contrary to 5000 years of experience --- in terms to satisfy your perversions.

Your extreme positivism would be hilarious, David, had I even the slightest hint that you understood it and just how ridiculous your position is.

James Young said...

And BTW, David, one reference just BARELY breaks the silence. It's too bad that you confuse apples with oranges.

Vivian J. Paige said...

I have been following the story and posted on it as well.

James Young said...

Well, Viv, your post clearly didn't go up until after my comments, since I posted before the reprieve. Glad we can agree on this one.

I don't know if I shamed you into it --- probably didn't even see mine 'til after your posted --- but there are more than a few that I'd like to see shamed into it, though it would still strike me as too little, too late.