Wednesday, July 05, 2006

BVBL: Champion of the First Amendment

It's one of life's sad little ironies that Greg Letiecq, who generally seems like a good guy, has managed to associate himself with some rather shady characters, including the anonymous slanderer who originally owned his website, and his frequent "amen chorus," Harry Parrish's 2005 primary campaign manager, Anke W. Cheney.

I've frequently said that I have no idea as to the merits of Steve Chapman's lawsuit against BVBL and Greg. I do know that, if the Defendants prevail, it will be because the First Amendment protects even their scurrilous attacks, and may prove an insuperable burden to Steve's recovery.

Columnist extraordinaire Thomas Sowell once famously observed that the practical definition of a "racist" in today's political world is "a Conservative winning an argument with a Liberal."

Call this Young's Corollary to Sowell's Law: "bickering" is when one Republican raises legitimate, unanswerable criticisms against another, usually squishy, Republican.

And it's certainly ironic that Greg, who is forced to rely so heavily upon the First Amendment in his defense against Chapman's lawsuit, has so little regard for it personally.

UPDATE: Turns out I misspelled Greg's last name with the initial post. A thousand apologies.

UPDATE 2: Well, Greg has a new website, apparently launched shortly after he took down his abortive attack on me Here's what he says about one of the reasons he has switched to WordPress:
This new site will allow anonymous comments as before. I will have more ability to restrict the ability of problem children to access or post, which should reduce the personal infighting and bad behavior that I’ve seen recently.
I guess "problem children," "personal infighting," and "bad behavior" are codewords for people with whom Greg disagrees and/or those who remember the misdeeds of some of his biggest fans and dare to talk about them. One presumes that he does not consider it "personal infighting" or "bad behavior" to attack a candidate for, say, posting on, or attacking his attorney for performing his professional duties.

As I said above, Greg "generally seems like a good guy," and he's shown some genuine promise since abandoning/being abandoned by the original BVBL persona. It's really too bad that he has evidenced an ability to be so easily influenced by those who are neither very honest, nor very good Conservatives.

UPDATE 3: Well, Greg has blocked my access from my office PC to his site. I guess it won't be too long before he blocks my home access, as well.

What a maroon. And BTW, please disregard all that I've previously said about him seeming like a pretty good guy. I said, in an e-mail that I posted here for a few hours, that Greg should be of good cheer, because I had referenced a website that I had previously considered beneath contempt. I guess respectability was just too much for him to take, at least in more than a small dose.

I guess it's OK to trash me on his website. So much for the theory that Steve Chapman might avoided grief by responding to the attacks against him; it appears that he just would have been deleted, or barred from access. It's so much easier when your enemies are disarmed. Greg takes it a step further though, by insuring that I can't even see the attacks or, worse yet, use his own words against him.

Probably a relatively wise step for a guy who's already managed to get himself sued once.