Saturday, July 22, 2006

PWC Convention Set?

With the news that Chairman Sean's nomination to a Bush Administration post may be on the fast track to Senate confirmation, I received an e-mail today announcing that the County GOP convention to nominate his successor may well be scheduled for Saturday, 19 August.

It's a pity. The Youngs will be on their summer vacation on that day, and will miss their first County GOP Convention in more than a decade.

Given the summer vacation schedule of many families, one wonders whether it wouldn't be wiser to delay the convention until early September, if possible.

UPDATE: As one might expect, those who hate Conservatives --- or anyone else not on the Chairman Sean, tax-and-spend bandwagon --- are viewing this on the most sinister way possible, at least, sinister as they foolishly measure it. One speculation is that:
If this is indeed the date of the convention than it really can only favor one candidate. That is right, you guessed it, Corey Stewart. It is no secret that Stewart prefers deciding this in a convention and that he and his supporters (including Tom Kopko) would be the ones pushing for such a quick resolution.
Of course, someone who makes such speculation merely demonstrates his singular ignorance as to the provisions of the Party Plan. As the County Committee must approve the date and manner of any nominating process, this is hardly the plan of some Corey cabal to frustrate the will of the County GOP. To the contrary, it's about the leadership that Tom Kopko was elected to exercise.

UPDATE: It's always entertaining to read some comments, especially from those who like to pretend that they know what's going on. Indeed, one reads "NoVA Scout's" comment and wonders if he has ever held a leadership role in any party organization (tending to disprove my suspicion that he is Chairman Sean). Obviously, he is not familiar with the only "rigging" that I have ever witnessed or have been aware of, to-wit: that performed by the Young Republican Federation of Virginia in 1993. As for Craig's assertion that he has "been told that the convention was in the bag should it happen and that a convention would be set up to favor Stewart," this sounds suspiciously like the plaintive whinings of someone who knows that he or she cannot win a fairly-run Convention --- no one has suggested that there has been anything but in PWC --- and simply wants to hobble their opponent. If Craig doesn't choose to reveal his source for this scurrilousness, it should be judged accordingly.

I have no problem revealing my source for this information (probably should have to begin with), but it was simply a general mailing from Chairman Tom Kopko, sent by Secretary Grant Bell. I simply happened to get it out there firstest. Here it is, with irrelevant portions omitted.

July 21, 2006

Dear Friends,

A few updates that I hope you find useful:

  1. Pr. Wm. GOP Convention – Aug 19 (tentative): your Vice Chairman, Karen Ulrich, is busy researching location availability for the latest possible date, Saturday, August 19. Mark it on your calendar. Conventions have been the custom as most people feel they are fairest and Karen will have information in hand for our decision, if needed, on the 31st.
  2. Attention BOCS Chairman Candidates! I am accepting suggestions for convention committee members through July 29 at 9pm. Please send me any preferences for the Nominations, Credentials, Rules, and Elections convention committees.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to write or call me. Updates are also posted on our website!


Tom Kopko
Chairman, Pr. Wm. County Republican Committee (


Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

It is looking like my family and I will be up in New York that day ourselves.

Charles said...

Unless it is required to have this convention within a set period of time that only August 19th can satisfy, I'd rather see it done the week after school starts.

I realise we are trying to get the "bitterness" expected from this fight out of the way quickly so we can get back to the fight of our lives getting our republicans re-elected in the november elections.

But we should at least try to have the vote when a fair number of people can make it. And I'm guessing that August 19th won't meet that criteria (although it appears I WOULD be able to make that week, although not the following week, and we still haven't set our columbus ohio trip).

Oh, and in what is probably a major difficulty, August 19th is the last day of the Prince William County Fair. I'm guessing we will have a few people there manning our booths, and more than a few people actually enjoying the day with their families.

NOVA Scout said...

James: I think this is probably incorrect. I really doubt that the Committee would even consider scheduling a convention (or any other method of selecting a nominee) unless and until there is a vacancy. To do otherwise opens up the Committee and its leadership to tremendous problems if there are delays in Connaughton's confirmation or if, for any reason, the thing doesn't go through. You'd have to pretty brain-dead to get out so far ahead of events. What if you have a nominee for a position with no vacancy? What if things bog down, Connaughton decides to run in 2007 and you have this nominee with no election to run in? What if Connaughton runs in 2007 and chooses (as is his right) a primary and Mrs. Caddigan or someone is sitting around saying. "wait a minute, I'm the nominee." I don't think the folks on the PW Committee are that out of touch. I'm not questioning that you heard this date somewhere, but it doesn't make any sense and is probably one of those silly rumors that people start to make Kopko look completely foolish or just to see where it goes.

Craig said...

Foolish speculation? Maybe. However I have been told that the convention was in the bag should it happen and that a convention would be set up to favor Stewart. Take that for what it is worth. I do believe that every effort will be made to make the convention as lopsided as possible. Whether or not it will work is another question.

Craig said...

Oh and James, please be clear in your posts that I do not hate conservatives. Also, I might view this in a cynical fashion but not in a sinister fashion. There is a difference. We are talking about politics here.

NoVA Scout said...

Craig: I have no doubt that there are some people there who would not hesitate to try to rig the process in favor of Stewart, but I have every confidence that the new Chairman would have nothing to do with it and would make them stand down (I hope).

NoVA Scout said...

In looking at this again, and then James's later post, a couple of things occur to me. First of all, when I used the word "rig" I was thinking of it in the sense of to configure or to make ready. I certainly don't imply that there is anything unusual about factions trying to control a process in favor of their candidate. It happens all the time and as long as it's legal, it doesn't bother me. I apologize for the unintended double meaning.

Second, it appears my efforts to give Mr. Kopko the benefit of the doubt were entirely misplaced and that they are running off before there's a vacancy. Not a very good idea. Dems doing it doesn't seem to me a particularly high standard to go by, but if it works for James, maybe I should reconsider.