Monday, July 18, 2005

An Interesting Article On The De-Christianization of the Church

The Weekly Standard has run an interesting article on the United Church of Christ, the most politically-correct among the "main-line" Protestant churches. Recall that this was the church which last year caused a stir by runing pro-sin commercials, suggesting that other, more conservative denominations were turning away racial minorities, the disabled, and homosexuals. The implication was that the UCC, unlike other churches, was inclusive and tolerant.

Of course, what the UCC is inclusive and tolerant of is sin. Sure, none of us are perfect. And none of us has perfect knowledge of God and His will.

But I'm pretty sure that, while God recognizes and forgives us our imperfection, He is somewhat less tolerant of those who reject even the notion of right and wrong, good and evil, and sin. After all, I seem to recall something in the New Testament about someone who advised a fallen woman to "Go forth and sin no more" (emphasis added).

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