Saturday, September 18, 2010

Using Stupidity As A Strategy

Aside from the fact that Democrats rely upon stupidity (economic ignorance; moral vapidity) to advance virtually their entire agenda, it's certainly fascinating to watch the recent contretemps over the impending execution of Teresa Lewis.

Aside from the reliance upon mistranslations --- the Commandment is "Thou shalt not murder," not "Thou shalt not kill"; then again, why should we be surprised that the far Left can't get the Bible right? --- and self-serving statistics --- if you're worried about "deterrence," every person upon whom the death penalty is imposed is effectively deterred from murdering again --- most of today's most vocal anti-death penalty types simply have no shame. They're arguing, in essence, that because Lewis is "borderline retarded," she should not suffer the ultimate penalty for her crime.

So once again, we're treated to the win-at-all-costs, argue-what's-convenient tactics of the far Left.

If you oppose the death penalty, oppose it. For all reasons; under all circumstances. Kind of like the Catholic Church. I don't agree with it's position, but at least I can respect it as ethically consistent.

But spare us the pretensions that you're opposing it for the reasons you just happen to be citing on any particular occasion. It's as phony as, well, most Democrats' opposition to the Iraqi war.

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