Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cable TV Idiocies

About seventeen months ago, I finally yielded to the advertising, and decided to switch from Comcast for my cable television, and go with Verizon, which was offering FiOS in my area for cable TV, telephone (for which I already had Verizon), long distance, and Internet.

I may have made a mistake.

I came home early today, and saw that one of my favorite shows, NCIS, was on Sleuth, a channel we watch fairly regularly.

My FiOS guide informed me that I was not subscribed.  To a channel I had for the last 17 months.

Sooooo, I called Verizon, went through the idiotic computer (which seems designed to discourage actual communication), and finally was told that my package had been changed, and I no longer had it.

Of course, it was a channel offered when I signed up for a two-year, no-cancellation package.

I wonder if anyone else is contemplating a class-action lawsuit against Verizon for its unilateral breach of contract?

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