Monday, January 18, 2010

What Will The Media's Response Be?

Just a little over three years ago, Ben Tribbett managed to interject himself effectively in the Virginia Senate race between George Allen and Jim Webb AKA Senator Thinskin (D-WaPo) by breaking the story about the former's use of the work "macaca" with regard to a functionary of the latter's campaign in following him around with a video camera. The Washington Post followed up with literally scores of stories questioning Senator Allen's "racism" in response, and it's probable that this constant drumbeat of criticism provided Senator Thinskin's margin of victory (fewer than 10,000 votes statewide).

Now, functionaries for Massachusetts Attorney General Martha (AKA "Marsha") Coakley have visited violence upon campaign functionaries who were merely filming a Coakley event.

While it's a little late for an effective drumbeat, one cannot help but wonder what the so-called "mainstream" media's response will be to this?

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