Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Riddance To Bad Garbage

If this is accurate, the Virginia GOP just got stronger.

Jeff Wolinski AKA "Loudmouthed Inciter" AKA "Loudoun Insider" is reporting that Jim Rich is not running for reelection as Republican Chairman for the 10th Congressional District.

Most Republican grassroots activists know Rich as the individual who was willing to prevaricate in order to remove State Republican Chairman Pat McSweeney in 1994, at the behest of newly-elected Governor George Allen. Apparently, the rap on McSweeney at the time was that he didn't do enough to throw the nomination to Allen, and may even have supported Earle Williams, who --- as older readers may recall --- ran as the "moderate" alternative to Allen.

Those who don't know about this --- I was at the State Central Committee meeting where the "charges" were preferred --- may simply know Rich as the individual who works very hard to perpetuate his own power by phantom calls for conventions and unreasonably (i.e., before the call even is published) early filing deadlines for District Chairman.

Rich apparently says he's not running out of "family concerns."

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