Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diminishing The Nation He Was Elected To Lead

As President Barry continues his magical mystery tour around the world, it's no mystery as to what his goal is: diminishing the nation he purports to "lead."

Never mind that his behavior makes Jimmy Carter look like he has a spine by comparison. Never mind the radicals who have influenced him at every point in his life.

Sometimes, you just can't believe the pablum emanating from this third-rate fool. Speaking after listening to a diatribe from Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, he responded with this:
“I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”
Of course, it's not about blame, Barry. It's about the fact that you're President of the United States, and you represent this nation as both Head of State and Head of Government. And in that capacity, you stand for everything --- for good or ill, as informed by your own ridiculous philosophy --- done by this nation.

Spare us your narcissism, and man up a little bit.

Better yet, grow a pair.

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