Friday, February 06, 2009

Let's Play The Moonbat Match Game!

It's time once again for that perennial favorite .... the Moonbat Match Game!

You know how to play, boys and girls. Just substitute your favorite target for paternalism ... er, protection from eeeeevil!, and replace whatever it is the far Left is up to with your solution.

Today's contestant: The Green Miles!

Here's the phrase of the day:
"All Virginia workers deserve protection from the health effects of secondhand smoke, not just ones who work in bars and restaurants."
Here's how you plan: just replace the bold-faced words with parallels, like this:
All [American citizens] deserve protection from the [evils of the nanny state], not just those who [live in "Red" states].
All [babies] deserve protection from [abortion], not just those who[se mothers are pro-life].
Go ahead, you can play, too!