Saturday, March 08, 2008


In the wake of news that the top ten administrators in the Prince William County government schools are in line for a cumulative raise of nearly $100,000 comes complaints from Occoquan District School Board member Grant Lattin that more than $10,000 in per pupil expenditures is not enough. It was an Op-Ed in today's Potomac News, but a link on line is not available at this writing.

Aside from the fact that per pupil expenditures in this County have now exceeded the cost for tuition, room, and board at my pricey private college during my years of attendance there (1982-86), it is worth noting that this cost exceeds the cost of my sons' private Christian school for both of them, and could pay for about 75% of the tuition for another student.

Explain to me again why vouchers don't make both economic and educational sense?

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