Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Troubling Report

It seems that former Congressman Mark Siljander (R-Mich.) has been charged in a 42-count indictment with funneling money to Islamofascists through a charity with which he was involved. The DOJ press release describes the indictment in more detail.

Mark Siljander's last gasp at elective politics was in 1992, when he was one among many Republicans who ran for Virginia's newly-created 11th Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives. He had the support of the Youngs back then, and we were quite good friends with one of his nieces, who hosted us at his home a few times (as I recall, we watched Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves in his home theatre). He lost the GOP nomination to Henry Butler, who went on to defeat at the hands of Leslie ("No-Enemies-to-the-Left!?) Byrne.

The indictment was brought in the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri, in Kansas City, where --- until recently --- my law school roommate was a Special Agent for the FBI. It's a small little world.

This is quite disturbing. It would take much to convince me that Siljander wittingly supported terrorists.


Carl Kilo said...

I hope you right Mr Young. Siljander is denying all charges. It doesn't sound good though.

James Young said...

That's a little unduly formal, Carl.

In any case, I hope I am, but fear that I'm not. The Feds don't indict unless a conviction is a virtual dead-certain lock. And if my law school roommate IS involved in the investigation (which I don't know, probably can't know, and probably don't WANT to know), I'm almost certain I'm wrong about Siljander. I shared an apartment with my law school roommate for two years; he was a groomsman in my wedding; he was there when I met my wife. I like Siljander and supported him for public office; I KNOW the other guy, and trust him implicitly.