Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Reflection On Democrats And Christianity

Isn't it ironic that the only time Democrats invoke Christian principles is when they can beat Republicans over the head with it?

As Mel Brooks famously observed, "The Inquisition ... what a show!"

They seem so all-fired-up to defend the "wall of separation" ... until it comes to spending other people's money. Of course, "Christian charity" is an individual choice, and has nothing to do with forcibly taking other people's money and handing it out to discrete groups in order to buy their votes.

And the author of the above-linked post is confusing his caricature of the GOP --- I don't know anyone who claims that the GOP is the "party of Christian people" --- with fact.


Waldo said...

Sure, James, there are oodles of people who say that the Republican Party is the only party for Christians. A quick google reveals a bunch, like this guy, commenters here, and here, among a great many other.

The predominant view among Republicans is anti-Muslim and anti-atheist, while Democrats tent strongly to be supportive of these groups. It's widely held that President Bush won reelection in 2004 because of evangelicals, who normally do not vote, but did and, naturally, voted overwhelmingly for Bush. I'm not sure why you'd be surprised by somebody stating what the the Republican Party so often states so clearly and directly.

James Young said...

"Oodles," Waldo? If these three unknowns are the best that you can come up with, I am happy to reaffirm my statement.

I certainly wouldn't say that "The predominant view among Republicans is anti-Muslim," since Republican in PWC nominated a Muslim for the House of Delegates this year, and he fell only 499 votes short. "Anti-atheist," I would concede, but only to the extent that atheists have demanded that their extreme views be permitted to stifle Christian (or any theistic) speech.

But if you cite those three sources as what "the Republican Party so often states so clearly and directly," you are clearly reaching.