Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mr. Deeds Runs For Governor

Must've gotten on this list out of some blogger fishing expedition, but for some reason, Senator Creigh Deeds has me on his mailing list. In an apparent effort to get a jump on fundraising before next year's legislative session begins, he has just formally announced for the Democrat nomination for Governor.

Dear Friends,

Under the leadership of Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, we have experienced significant progress in the last few years. Because of their optimistic, commonsense approach to solving problems, we have all been proud to call Virginia our home. Today I’m announcing my campaign for Governor to continue that tradition of moving Virginia forward.

Please visit my new website at to view my announcement video and join my campaign.

The election for Governor in 2009 will offer every Virginian a choice: do we continue and build upon the work of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, or do we chart a different course that embraces the attack politics and policies of George W. Bush’s wing of the Republican Party?

I believe that Warner-Kaine approach is the better way to keep Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family. And, that better way is how I will lead us forward if given the privilege to serve as your next Governor. For me, it’s about creating opportunity in every corner of Virginia: building a modern transportation system that moves our state and our economy forward, creating a research-based economy that develops new sources of alternative energy by investing in our colleges and universities, and retooling our community college system so we can train for the jobs of the 21st century.

I invite you to please join me.

His website is here.

Of course, his announcement makes the obligatory homages to Governors Marky Mark and Timmy!

One has to wonder whether he will wage the same dishonest campaign to con the voters of Virginia into believing that he is not, and will not govern as, a tax-and-spend Liberal.


SouthwestBySoutheast said...

Deeds is running. Not surprised.....

I think this is good news for the GOP and particularly for Bob McDonnell. If McDonnell gets the nomination (I'm confident he will if he runs), I think McDonnell wins.... that is against Deeds (he's beat him once before) or against any of the dems.

Why am I so confident? There's no comparison within the current ranks of dem candidates. Look at his bio and record!!

McDonnell has 4 years of solid experience in the Commonwealth as Attorney General. He's led the fight against sex predators and keeping our kids safe on the internet. He is out there on a daily basis making a difference in the lives of Virginians. He has worked hard on Eminent domain reform, environmental protection, Government and Regulatory Reform, and illegal immigration reform... not to mention his work with the Virginia Food Banks. Most recently the strong stand he took against the Jamestown Fee this week is proof why McDonnell will win (He continues to find issues that people in VA care about and that make a difference. He doesn't do this because he wants to win the governor's mansion in 09, he does this because he has a heart for the people, he wants to help serve others, and he is doing a fantastic job as AG!)

McDonnell also has strong ties to Northern Virginia, where he was born and raised, Hampton Roads, where he raised his family, lived, and worked for years representing the area in the General Assembly, and now in Richmond as AG. He is a veteran, a Catholic, and a family man.

That's why I'm supporting McDonnell. That's why I'm certain he will win in 2009. That's why I say --- RUN, BOB, RUN!!!

James Young said...

Well, I'm not sure who I'd support for Governor. I supported Bill Bolling for the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor, and he did all Virginia Republicans a service by deflating Chairman Sean's sails. Plus he's done yeoman's service for other Republicans as Lt. Gov. I supported Steve Baril for the GOP nomination for AG, but I've been very impressed with McDonnell.

I suspect that the problem GOP activists will have in 2009 is an overabundance of qualified candidates for Governor, and a tough choice between the two.