Saturday, July 28, 2007

Utterly Predictable

There are some people who, when you meet them, you immediately identify as being twenty pounds of crap in a ten pound bag.

One such individual is among the Holy Fathers of Montclair, the property owners' association in the community in which I live. It has just reinstalled as its president an individual whom I had the displeasure of meeting about ten years back, an individual whose sanctimony is exceeded only by his ignorance. He has, two or three times, run as a write-in for the Dumfries District seat on the Prince William County School Board.

I received the Association's monthly magazine in today's mail. That monthly journal regularly includes a President's page, a rah-rah section for our little community which had heretofore appeared on the first inside page.

A few month's back, it started appearing on the front cover.

In the edition delivered today, right up at the top, it features a quotation which, I suppose, is intended to be some kind of words of wisdom. Much like the TR quotation appearing to the right.

The author of the quotation? The gentleman in question!

I suppose it is, sadly, not unexpected.

It does, however, speak volumes about the character of the man, or the lack thereof.

One wonders whether to just laugh, or to cry.

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