Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hope in a Recount?

I suppose I'll help if one is sought, and hope for the best.

But if Virginia's experience of last year is any indication, Republicans have little cause to be hopeful about the results of a recount. However, Virginians have substantial reason to be proud of the integrity of our electoral process.

Even when it produces results as sickening as a Jim Webb victory.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least the homos lost out.

Steve Rankin said...

At least "Spider" Webb isn't beholden to the Hollywood "Moe-gules"-- right?

Wonder if Webb still thinks that Slick Willie had a corrupt administration.

Ben Kyber said...

Welcome to America, Jim Young, and the real world of Virginia.

James Young said...

What the Hell are you talking about, Ben? If you think this was some kind of mandate, think again.

Fauquier Dan said...


"Oh well, at least the homos lost out." ???

Good to know your vote for the amendment wasn't motivated by bigotry or anything like that.


Do you really mean to say this WASN'T a mandate?

Six incumbent Republican Senators lost their seats. There will be at least 230 Democrats in the House. Not a single incumbent Democrat in either chamber lost a bid for re-election.

This IS a mandate for a serious change of direction in America. The American people were about as subtle as a brick in the teeth last Tuesday.

James Young said...

OK, Dan. Aside from opposition to our policy in Iraq, please feel free to identify a SINGLE policy change upon which any Democrat ran?

'Fact is, Democrats ran on the fact they were not Republicans. And in a year when an unpopular military intervention was the leading issue, that was enough. A few thousand votes in Montana and Virginia were the difference. But you and your Democrat friends feel to treat it as a mandate for the Socialist agenda of Pelosi, Reid, Rangel, Hastings, Waxman, et al. .... and it will be a very short two years in the majority.