Monday, November 06, 2006

Democrat Voting Republican Tomorrow

Courtesy of Cathouse Chat, we learn that prominent SF writer Orson Scott Card, a Democrat, will be voting Republican tomorrow.

All I can say is that, if he is at all indicative that some still self-identified Democrats aren't yet brain dead, it will be sweet to listen to the moonbats howl after Tuesday.


Bryan J. Scrafford said...

Congrats you actually found ONE person. Wow, and it only took you how long? You should be awfully proud of yourself, James. You really put those lawyer skills to work.

I hope you didn't join a detective union though, because that would just be horrible for your salary. I'm mean gosh, since you pretend to be so smart and you found ONE Democrat who is voting for Republican candidates you wouldn't dare want to associate yourself with anyone else. But, hey, while you were off searching for that SINGLE Democrat that agrees with you, here's a list of Republicans who told me TODAY that they are voting Democratic tomorrow, despite the fact that I wasn't even looking for a Republicans voting Democratic.

Amanda Thomas
Brian Alcott
Mary Posner
Joseph Miller
Michael Miller
Patrick Miller
Clyde Paterson
Summer Mitchell
Drew Edwards

So maybe you should join that detective union after all. They could teach you some things about finding people who support your cause. Yet again, there's just not too many Democrats voting Republican and there's a whole bunch of Republicans voting Democratic. No wonder I could find more names than you even though I wasn't even searching for any.

James Young said...

Such hostility, Bryan! I guess, in the Virginia blogosphere, the moonbats are howling early. I can understand: with the poll hedging going on, and the so-called MSM's realization that their effort to defeat the GOP majority is coming to naught, I can only imagine the hostility when your guys go down tomorrow.

First, I don't PRETEND to be "so smart." Second, I wasn't "searching" for it; I just came across it. Third, while I don't know everybody, there's not a single name on that list that I can identify as a "Republican." Perhaps they are, or more accurately, were. Actually, I doubt it. Since we don't have party registration in Virginia (thanks to the Democrats), it's virtually impossible to know. But they certainly aren't now.