Monday, May 02, 2005

Kaine Reveals True Agenda

You've gotta love the rhetoric of the Democrat Governor wannabe, Tim Kaine. Witness his press release celebrating his endorsment by the teachers' union, the VEA ( Let's decipher the codewords:

"I am honored that the Virginia Education Association has chosen to support my long-standing commitment to education excellence in Virginia by endorsing my candidacy for Governor."
Read: Not surprisingly, Virginia's teachers' union bosses are marching in lockstep with the Democrat Party, and are endorsing me.

"There is nothing more important to the economic, cultural, and social future of this state than the strength of our schools - they are the cornerstone of our communities, our businesses, and the commonwealth as a whole."
Read: Government control of education in the form of government schools is necessary to our agenda of more government, all of the time. VEA bosses recognize that Virginia Democrats, like those nationwide, owe what little political power that they have left to labor unions and their ability, in most states, the extract forced dues, and will pursue that agenda.

"The endorsement of Virginia's teachers honors my unwavering commitment to fulfilling the state's obligation to public education and to protecting the historic investment Governor Mark Warner and I fought to make in our schools through last year's budget."
Read: I'm going to equate Virginia's teachers with the union bosses of the VEA, even though many teachers don't support their agenda. VEA union bosses know that I'll pump more public money into government schools, no matter what their performance, or lack thereof. Like Mark Warner, I remain a lackey to union bosses and his unprecedented tax increases of 2004.

"During my time on the Richmond City Council, as Mayor of Richmond, and as Lt. Governor, I have shared the dedication Virginia's teachers have shown to making sure that the state's classrooms are places where students can learn and teachers can teach."
Read: Virginia's union bosses can count on me, as a long-time government employee, to pursue their agenda for more power for government and for government employee union bosses.

"As Lt. Governor, I have had the pleasure of visiting schools in nearly all of the commonwealth's 134 cities and counties, and I have learned, with each visit, about opportunities to move Virginia forward on the path of education excellence for the entire state."
Read: I've spent most of my three years as Lt. Governor on the campaign trail at taxpayers' expense.

"I look forward to working with Virginia's teachers in the future and have full confidence that together we will ensure continued excellence in education for Virginia's families."
Read: VEA union bosses can count on me to kowtow to their agenda.

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