Friday, May 27, 2005

A Few Random Observations

Re: The Nuclear Option
Let us now pay tribute to the late, great Samuel Francis, who dubbed the GOP "the Stupid Party."
And Evans' Law (as in M. Stanton): "When our friends are in a position to be useful, they're no longer our friends."
I must confess, I was dubious about the so-called "nuclear option"/constitutional option. Let's face it: using for judges would weaken the filibuster, which --- notwithstanding its contemptible service in opposition to civil rights legislation --- was used at least once for a noble purpose, to-wit, to defeat an effort to repeal Section 14(b) of the National Labor Relations Act. That provision, you should know, Gentle Reader, authorizes states to pass Right to Work laws, and was a prime target of the Democrat majorities elected with LBJ in the blowout of 1964. A good argument can be made that a ruling of illegitimacy as to judicial nominations would call into question its use for legislation, as well. That's why the National Right to Work Committee opposed it.
Nevertheless, the actions of the Seven Dwarfs was contemptible in so many ways. Particularly vile was John Warner's actions. Warner once again abandoned conservatives (a la Robert Bork, Mike Farris, Ollie North, Clinton's impeachment). The only thing surprising about his actions is that anyone remains to be surprised.

Re: Robert Kuttner's Article in Today's Examiner, Entitled "The Death of American Liberalism"
All that you need to know about Kuttner's op-ed appears in the first sentence: "Why are we losing to these guys?"
That very first sentence bespeaks the arrogance typical of the far Left, an arrogance which is a decidedly unappealing characteristic to the American electorate.
And as someone in a profession (attorney) where arrogance is an occupational hazard, I know from whence I speak.

Re: Potomac News Letter Watch
And once again, Ella Shannon sticks up her head, again to attack the Taxpayers' Alliance that she once headed. There's nothing like the fervor of a convert.
Now, she's endorsing the bid of Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sean Connaughton (RINO-At Large) in his bid for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor.
It's difficult to know where to start with Ella. Once an applicant for the GOP endorsement for County School Board Chairman, she attacks all manner of Conservative reforms for education (tax credits; vouchers), casting herself as an advocate for government education, rather than education.
Of course, there's the characteristic innuendo, bringing to the pages of a once (when yours truly was a columnist) respectable journal the kind of conspiracy theory that belongs on the more wacked-out corners of the Internet.
Then there's the endorsement itself, demonstrating that she either wasn't truly committed to the taxpayers, or that she was bought off by Chairman Sean, or that she's simply lost her mind.
She does everything but give Chairman Sean credit for this morning's sunrise.
It's sad when a once vital member of the GOP and staunch Conservative so thoroughly demonstrates the ravages of age.

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