Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Far-Left Ignorance

You've really got to love the far Left.  Now (and once again) the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia" are making elaborate, factually-inaccurate statements against Virginia's Attorney General, claiming that "Supreme Court Disses Kookinelli and his Health Care Lawsuit."

Now, never mind that the moonbats put a question mark after it; the text clearly criticizes the Attorney General and suggests that, by not taking Virginia's lawsuit against BarryCare yesterday, the Supreme Court was somehow not giving due regard to Virginia's lawsuit and her Attorney General.

The truth is, the Supreme Court was giving it no regard whatsoever in yesterday's order.  That is because the Supreme Court has not yet considered petition for certiorari filed by the Attorney General for consideration.  It won't do that until its conference of Tuesday, 22 November.

Incidentally, I know a thing or two about Supreme Court practice.  Today, the Court set my most recent case for argument on 10 January 2012.

So, a word to the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia":  you don't have to be a Supreme Court practitioner, or even an attorney, to comment upon the workings of the Supreme Court.

However, you just might want to consider learning enough so that you can avoid sounding like a blithering idiot when you do comment upon it.

The sad thing is that the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia" rely upon a WaPo story in support of their conclusion.  I expect that kind of ignorance from the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia."  Heretofore, I did not expect it in even the worst advocacy journalism in the WaPo.

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Citizen Tom said...

The Washington Post is what it is, and Liberally biased is what it is.