Monday, August 29, 2011

Union Front Group Endorses Lateef

According to the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia" have a post touting the fact that a group called "Virginia New Majority" has endorsed Democrat Babur Lateef for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors.

Well, actually, the Lateef campaign made the post.

Lateef's campaign describes "Virginia New Majority" as "a non-partisan non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that has worked around the state to advance the issues you and I care so deeply about."

Non-partisan?  Sure.  That must be why it endorsed only Democrats.

Actually, "Virginia New Majority" is a union front group whose "board chairman, Juan Marcos Vilar, is the political director of the Service Employees International Union. Records show VNM has received political donations from the SEIU."

Now, you won't read this on VNM's website.  The "More Info" link helpfully adds you to its mailing list.  And other links merely direct you to its blog, which touts the desire to "bring together immigrants, African-Americans, women, youth, and working-class Virginians to build a progressive [read: "reactionary liberal"] movement in Virginia through grassroots voter organizing."

I found the more interesting and revealing information on Fairfax Underground.
Another far-Left front group.  Color me surprised.


Evan said...

Oh come on. I happen to know some of the folks that work with Virginia New Majority.

They're interested in advancing the cause of young people, minorities, and gay and lesbian people. They're not hiding it, so why imply some sort of more sinister agenda or call them a "front group?"

They're liberal, and they are politically active. You disagree with their positions. That's fine. Good even. Discourse is how we get things done in this country.

But there isn't some vast liberal conspiracy any more than there was a vast right wing conspiracy when Hillary tried to trot out that farce.

It's ridiculous when the liberals try to call the tea parties a front for the Koch brothers or the religious right, and it's equally ridiculous when conservatives try to claim lefty groups are fronts for unions or Soros.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

James Young said...

"advancing the cause of young people"?!?! That's about as arrogant as claiming to be "progressive."

And I don't have a problem with anybody participating in the political process, as long as it's a free choice, and their affiliations/funding are disclosed.

My criticisms are quite focused. As for "sinister agenda," well, that's your inference, Evan.