Monday, July 18, 2011

... And Again

One thing about the boys and girls at Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia": they're predictable.

Just few months ago, they offered a rather ... creative rendering of the fundraising of Babur Lateef, Democrat candidate for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, a fantasy which I discussed here.

Now that the second quarter's numbers are in, "lowkell" is trying to bang the drum to persuade the mindless who read and believe Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia" that Lateef is "racking up some impressive fundraising numbers compared to incumbent Corey Stewart (R) this past quarter."  Fair 'nuff: if you compare second quarter numbers, Lateef raised 11% more than Stewart, or about $9,000 more ($80,084 compared to $71,781).

But then "lowkell" gets carried away, and claims that these numbers "indicate[] that Lateef is not beholden to anyone but the people of Prince William County."

This appears to have been too much even for the rather limited universe of those permitted to comment on Blow Me ... er, "Blue Virginia," and one commenter has already had the wit to point out the reality of the numbers:
Since you said "Lateef is not beholden to anyone but the people of Prince William County", that most of his money isn't actually from Prince William County. Of the $150,000 he raised in Q1, VPAP shows that only $40K came from within the county, which means 73% of his donations for local office came from outside that locality.
Amazingly, this only got worse in Q2. Of the $73K in itemized donations Lateef reported, almost $63K of it came from outside Prince William County, or an astounding 87%. Even assuming the $7500 he raised in unitemized contributions all were local, that's still more than three-quarters of his money coming from outside of the locality his term in office would affect....

Finally, speaking of interesting numbers, while Lateef did outraise Stewart this quarter, Stewart still maintains a nearly $100K cash-on-hand advantage, $140K to $234K.
In that commenter's opinion, "I just don't think that over 70% of your contributions coming from outside Prince William is, in any way, an indication that a candidate is only beholden to the voters of that County."

Now, poor little "lowkell" doesn't like it when reality intrudes on his hyper-partisan fantasies, and immediately attacks the commenter.

Once again, one has to borrow a phrase from the moonbatosphere and wonder whether the fact that most of Lateef's donations come from out of the County will prove to be "a disservice to Prince William County's more than 400,000 residents."


Kurt said...

If I am reading VPAP correctly, looks like only 32% of Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair donations during 2011 have come from inside PWC ($68,275 of $211,585 total through June 30, 2011, the most recent available). So, while Corey or other bloggers might not be making similar claims, it would in fact appear thay Corey is as beholden to outsiders and as potentially disservicing to PWC's residents as is Lateef, right?
Kurt D.

James Young said...

As you concede, Corey Stewart's supporters are not trying to make political hay out of the issue, or elaborate claims unsustained by the facts.

As to what "it would in fact appear," we are not responsible for the elaborate fantasies of the far Left. We are, however, more than happy to point out its hypocrisies.