Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bold Words

I guess I misread the headline.

I saw "Senate Play[s] Games with U.S. National Security," and thought for sure that I was about to read a post on the lame-duck Senate's vote to require the United States Armed Forces to enlist sexual deviants loudly proclaiming their deviance.

Alas, I misread it.  What it actually said was "Senate Republicans Play Games with U.S. National Security."  Apparently, it was a post on the efforts of most Senate Republicans to delay consideration of the new START Treaty --- you know: the one President Barry signed in April, but didn't submit for Senate ratification until just recently --- until the new Congress --- you know: a Congress with some actual electoral authority --- takes office in January.

Contrary to moonbat rhetoric, there may be some good and sufficient national-security reasons to not ratify this treaty.  Personally, I don't feel strongly one way or the other about the treaty on the merits.  Though I have substantial problems with a lame-duck Congress making substantial policy decisions which have utterly no urgency.  Of course, since Virginia's moonbats can brook no dissent, the children at "Blue Virginia" don't allow comments from those who dare to disagree with the talking points issued by President Barry's White House and other myrmidons.

Does the far Left even make the pretense of having an interest in free speech anymore?  Not at "Blue Virginia."

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