Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barney Frank: Fair Game

It appears that Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank called TEA Party protestors "tea baggers" in an appearance on MSNBC. In January.

So enough already about whether or not he was called a "faggot" when he decided to get in the face of TEA Party protesters a day before voting on final passage of so-called "Health Care Reform." Barney Fag set the terms of the debate months ago. And since it is likely that he has participated in the activity he uses to smear the TEA Party activists enough times to know that it's both a smear, and more applicable to him than it is to them, the outrage of both him and his defenders about having the "faggot" epithet hurled at him is feigned

TEA Party protesters were --- even if true --- merely fighting fire with fire. And if Frank can't take it, perhaps he shouldn't have dished it out.

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