Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Is This News?

I can think of a few reasons why a story about a Boy Scout returning a found purse containing nearly $2000 is news, and none of them speaks well of society or of the beliefs which inform the so-called "main stream" media.

Suffice it to say that Boy Scouts do this every day, and it's hardly news when a Scout is trustworthy, or helpful, or kind.

It's entirely sad that this is news at all.


J.C. Wilmore said...

Sad to say, but the nation may need a good example like the one provided by this scout.

Kurt said...

Why is it so sad that a positive story about an individual from a great organization (BSA) is in the news? It would be wonderful if a BSA story like this was in the news everyday - as a good role model story, as a good human interest story. I'm certain that the leadership of BSA enjoys this favorable publicity. Takes a real non-main stream individual to perceive this holiday season feel good story as a problem.

James Young said...

It is sad, Kurt, because it isn't and shouldn't be considered an unusual event. Perhaps those of you who support defining deviancy down can assuage your guilt by promoting such things at the holidays, but then again, hypocrisy is always the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

Kurt said...

If you go to the Boy Scouts of America National Council site, and click on Scouts in the News, you will see the "Boy Scout Returns Purse Containing $2,000" story. I guess even the BSA itself must therefore support defining deviancy down, and the BSA itself is assuaging its guilt by promoting such things at the holidays, since the BSA itself considered this newsworthy enough for the BSA's own site. Merry Christmas!


James Young said...

No, Kurt, not the BSA; just you on the far Left.