Thursday, July 31, 2008

Middle-School Tactics For Me, But Not For Thee

Just saw this post by Lowell Feld over at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine" ... er, "RK," and I thought something was funny. After all, the make sport of GOP presumptive presidential nominee John McCain by calling him "McLame."

But I seem to remember something about savaging former Delegate Dick Black for childishly characterizing challenger David Poisson (French for "fish") as "Poison."

Yup. Sure enough. Here's a post by teenager Kenton Ngo attacking Black's actions.

It's pretty pathetic when a teenager demonstrates more maturity than a man of Feld's years. On your own website!

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SWAC Girl said...

Ditto ... and thank you. I linked.