Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sleazy Political Hack At It Again

Over at BVBL, that "loyal Republican" hack, AWCheney, is at it again, attacking other Republicans. Here's what the OWW said:
Greg, how can you possibly suggest that “shared values” are more important than “personal integrity?” People lacking in personal integrity would have absolutely no problem sharing the values of each and every person to whom they speak, regardless of what those values might be. If you can’t trust them, how can you trust what they say?
Here comments were directed at the Republican nominee against Chuck Colgan, Bob FitzSimmonds, for daring to support principled Conservatives. I posted a comment, which Greg deleted, because it exposed an inconvenient truth about someone who regularly posts there and sucks up to him.

It was something to the effect that she was right. After all, how dare Greg give credence to someone who attempts to use the criminal justice system to attack Republican candidates, and then lies about his efforts. Oh, wait. That was AWCheney.

Of course, AWCheney knows a lot about "personal integrity," much in the same way that Bill Clinton knows a lot about veracity. One cannot be ignorant of a characteristic that one so clearly lacks.

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