Monday, February 13, 2006

Dick Cheney's Hunting Accident

Apparently, the blogosphere is all atwitter over Dick Cheney's hunting mishap. Even the normally sensible Old Zach at SST says he should resign.

This is pretty silly. Accidents happen. A man was hurt, and that is a pity, but he'll apparently recover, and it's a risk one assumes when one engages in the activity.

'Course, the chance that I'd accept an invitation to go hunting with the Vice President is now roughly the same as the chance that I'd accept a ride from Teddy Kennedy.

Or get either.

UPDATE: Doug makes a similar observation here.

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f mcdonald said...

It must have been a terrifying moment when VP Cheney realized he had accidently shot someone, not to mention what the elderly recipient of the bird shot felt.

According to all reports it was an accident. The person shot is recovering nicely with sense of humor in tact.

Meanwhile, back in Iran...